Thursday, 24 November 2016

Open When..

My Cherishable

Hope you know how much you mean to me and how little I am capable of saying the same.I often thought of making something that would stay with you always and can't be bought anywhere in the world. But a card/poem/embroidery/photo anything could perish on multiple accounts. Essentially a nerd that I have been throughout, I only carry my dreams, words and thoughts along. Much as I am inspired by random prompts, the other day I came across the concept of 'Open When' letters which are situational and meant for a loved one when you are not together at times. Convinced as I am of being with you always, I could not help imagining what I could tell you from a distance without you saying a word. At times, it might be difficult for you to tell me everything or explain. I understand and do not expect you to. I am bequeathing you lines from some of the most beautiful books/songs I have read/heard in recent times and hope they will fill up for my words when you need me. I will continue to enrich these letters always, to let you know you are in my thoughts, no matter what I do.

Infinite Love.
Forever and Always.

Open When: